So, half term has come to an end and we are starting to make progress. We have contacted the Civil Aviation Authority to understand the legalities behind our proposed launch and have been told we need to get some very specific measurements done.

The ‘payload’ is the term used for the box that will carry Roffa The Bear, the Go-Pro and any attached scientific equipment and we need to ensure we measure that accurately.

We also watched some very interesting tutorials that describe how we need to attach all the equipment together. It looks like the balloon is going to be rather long!

We agreed that we need to contact our DT department as we need to cut and reshape the payload in order for it to effectively carry the GoPro and Roffa himself.

Finally, the Digital Genius team have arranged to meet Monday break times as well as on Friday break times to really get the project off the ground! There is a lot of planning to do yet, but each exciting small step brings us closer to what will hopefully be a thrilling giant leap into Space!

Have a great half-term everybody!